All Things Haddock at CFP

Posted on Feb 1, 2019 in Fresh Fish

Haddock is one of New England’s favorite fish species. This beloved white fish, similar to cod, is a saltwater fish and is found in the North Atlantic Ocean. These fish were commonly fished in Northern Europe and imported as market fresh or frozen. At Channel Fish Processing, we consider ourselves a haddock house for the amount of haddock we cut and process. We would have to say that haddock is the most commonly requested species by our consumers. This is why we found it important to write a haddock blog for you this month. Read on through this blog to learn more about all things haddock.


haddock fish n chips


In our region, haddock is often found in the waters around Cape Cod and near Boston. Haddock can reach 1-3 ft in length and 5-7 lbs. This is the main reason the species is so popular, as it’s available all year long. Haddock is a long, thin fish, typically a greyish blue color. It is fished by commercial fisherman in almost all major fishing ports in Massachusetts due to the species’ high demand. These fish can swim about 1,000 feet deep down, but are most commonly found 200-600 feet below the ocean’s surface. Haddock love to spend time in the gravel, sand, and pebbles. Over the past recent years, the growth of haddock has become more rapid. The fish are reaching adult size much earlier than they were only 30-40 years ago.

Haddock is a member of the cod family, as both are often used interchangeably by restaurants for fish and chip recipes. When you cook Cod or Haddock, you don’t necessarily have to salt this fish as it’s already quite tasty. Haddock is a fish that does well being smoked, baked, dried, or frozen.

Countries like Iceland, Norway, and Scotland enjoy haddock in their regions as this is the main spawning ground of haddock in the world. When cooking and eating haddock in these countries, of course, it has an entirely different taste considering the way it’s prepared. In the states, it’s most commonly baked, or deep fried with fish and chips. The species migrates to our region, and allows us at CFP to harness the natural health benefits of the fish.


fresh haddock


Our consumers love haddock, and we don’t see the demand decreasing anytime soon. This is why our fresh and frozen seafood products are always ready for shipping whenever you give us a call. Reach out to us today and see what we bought from the day boats for our fresh fish supply. Share this blog for your other fellow fish & chip lovers!

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