What Does “In Season” Mean About Fish? 

Posted on Aug 5, 2020 in Fish Processing, Fishing Industry, Fresh Fish
What Does “In Season” Mean About Fish? 

Just like fruits and veggies have certain seasons that they are the best for harvesting, fish species also have seasons! While some fish stay in the New England waters all season long, others only visit for a few short weeks before moving on to other locations. Waters across the globe are similar in their patterns […]

Fun Summer Seafood Dishes 

Posted on Jun 3, 2020 in Fish Processing, fish recipes, Fresh, Fresh Fish
Fun Summer Seafood Dishes 

Warm summer nights are right around the corner, and that means grilling outside while enjoying healthy, light seafood fare! Grilling fish outdoors usually means a quicker than normal clean up and the scrumptious taste of your favorite fish dish with grilled veggies too.  There are so many options when considering summer seafood dishes. We would […]

Harnessing New England’s Natural Seafood Source

  As a Fish Processing company with experience in the business of over 70 years, we’ve learned a lot about our regions fresh supply of seafood and all that goes into harnessing this. We see different species of fish coming from the day boats at the auction, and we’re always delighted with whatever they bring, […]

What’s Popular This Month at Channel Fish Processing?

At Channel Fish, we offer a wide variety of seafood products, fresh, frozen, and value added. As you know, we’ve moved to a new facility in Braintree. We’re working hard, and enjoying our new space immensely. With our wide range of service areas and high quality of fish, we’re the number one seafood source in […]

Our Fresh Fish: Harnessing Mother Nature

Posted on Nov 10, 2018 in Fish Processing, Fresh, Fresh Fish

At Channel Fish Processing, we proudly offer fresh, frozen and value-added products, all under one roof. Choosing to cater to both fresh and frozen was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. Here’s why: Harnessing Mother Nature Our fresh fish supply is as fresh as it gets. With the plentiful oceans of New England, […]

Settling Into Our New Facility

Posted on Nov 1, 2018 in Fish Processing, Fresh Fish, Frozen Fish, Process

Did you hear about the move? Our facility has relocated to Braintree, MA at 200 Commerce Drive. Throughout this move, we have strengthened our team and improved our strategies. Read on to learn more about the move. Consumer Demand for Our Products As the only processing facility on the North East coast, we knew we […]