China Tariffs Impacting the Fishing Industry

Posted on Oct 23, 2019 in Fishing Industry, Impact of Fishing, News
China Tariffs Impacting the Fishing Industry

Wondering how the trade war with China is going? It’s not just impacting the U.S. farming or industrial sectors, it is hitting the fishing industry hard as well. Let’s take a closer look at the China tariffs and how consumers could be feeling the pinch as well next time they purchase seafood.  What is the […]

What is Monkfish?

Posted on Feb 1, 2017 in health benefits, News

  Have you heard of monkfish and wondered what it is? Monkfish is most commonly known as goosefish and is most common in the North Atlantic and Mediterranean Sea. This fish has many species including: –       American Goosefish –       Blackfin Goosefish –       Reticulate goosefish –       Lophius Piscatoris –       Lophius Budegassa The two most common species […]

Salmon – The Healthiest Fish in the Sea

Posted on Aug 20, 2016 in health benefits, News, Omega-3

As the saying goes, “There are plenty of fish in the sea.” There’s Cod, Mackerel, Tilapia, Perch, Flounder, Haddock,  Salmon and the list goes on and on. According to recent studies completed by Women’s Health and Eating Well, Salmon receives the highest accolades for “healthiest fish” in the sea!  Let’s take a look at why […]