Myth Busting about Fish

Posted on May 3, 2017 in fish myth

Fish is one of the best nutrient-rich foods for your body. Filled with heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids, high-quality protein and a whole lot of Vitamin D that are essentials to a well balanced diet. However, fish is surrounded by myths that only shy people away from incorporating this into their diets. Today, we will bust the most common myths around fish.


  • Fish is expensive – Fish can be expensive at times, however, there are a lot of inexpensive varieties of fish such as tilapia or catfish.This also includes canned fish, which is an equally cost-effective way to eat more fish.
  • Tough to prepare – There are many ways to prepare fish that are simple. Fish can be pre-packaged, marinated and be both delicious and easy to cook at any time. Our very own Channel Fish products are ready to be cooked, such as our crunch Panko style deep fry ready fish.
  • Fresh is the only way to eat fish – This is the most common myth as it is rumored that fresh fish is the only way to enjoy it.  Canned and frozen fish are packed with the same, if not, more nutrients like fresh fish. Lean protein and even more affordable and longer shelf like, simply makes it easier to incorporated it into your diet.  Frozen fish maintains its freshness even when frozen, leaving it just as delicious as if you pulled it out the water on the same day. Don’t forget that many fish come from different parts of the country or world, meaning freezing allows to maintain its fresh quality.


  • Don’t eat fish on Monday – This is simply an old wives’ tale that originally claimed eating seafood on Mondays is and was a bad idea. If a restaurant or store didn’t receive a delivery of fresh fish on the weekend, then it isn’t fresh. This isn’t true, the day of the week doesn’t matter.

Having fish in your diet is essential to a well balanced diet and can be easy to prepare. From lunch to main course dinners, seafood is delicious. Come back for next week post on side dishes to pair up with your fish courses!