Our Fresh Fish: Harnessing Mother Nature

Posted on Nov 10, 2018 in Fish Processing, Fresh, Fresh Fish

At Channel Fish Processing, we proudly offer fresh, frozen and value-added products, all under one roof. Choosing to cater to both fresh and frozen was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. Here’s why:

Harnessing Mother Nature
Our fresh fish supply is as fresh as it gets. With the plentiful oceans of New England, we are able to harness the wild fish of this region. Our fresh catch is always unpredictable, as we can’t tell what the weather will bring and the commercial boats will pull in. This is one exciting aspect of serving fresh product: not farm raised, not controlled- in other words, delicious products.

Boats at fish Pier

We Buy From Boats Daily
Our fresh fish is bought every morning, straight from commercial fishing boats at the auction. These predominant, New England species are hand-selected by our experts, and taken to our facility in Braintree. We now cut and portion roughly 100,000 lbs of fresh fish every day in this energy efficient, eco-friendly facility.

Fresh Cut of Salmon on wooden board

From Sea-to-Plate
We love that we can bring our customers fresh quality from sea-to-plate. Though some of our frozen supplies come from countries all around the world, the quality and species of fresh fish found in this region of the U.S. is unbeatable. It’s important for us to highlight this, and we love that we can bring this natural, fresh quality to the market with our full-cyle process.

Channel Fish Logo From Fish to Dish

If you’re looking to buy your fish from the same place it was cut, look no further. We have long-standing relationships with major fresh fish harvesters, and our employees at the auction every day make our fresh offerings possible. If you have questions or species requests, please reach out to us. We’re here to answer all of your questions.

For over 70 years, the Zaffiro family of Channel Fish Processing has provided the highest quality of North Atlantic seafood. Channel has grown and developed from a local processor of Cod and Haddock to a nationwide distributor. We now provide a wide variety of fresh and frozen seafood products. All products are made in the USA at our eco-friendly and energy efficient facility located in Braintree, MA. Fresh, frozen, and value-added all under one roof! We are your seafood source.

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