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Channel Brand Fresh and Frozen Seafood

Fresh Seafood
Channel offers a daily selection of the pre-dominant New England species.

We buy directly from the boats from Maine down to Rhode Island; we have our own employees on the major auctions and long standing relationships with two of the major Canadian fresh fish harvesters.

Our major species cut and processed in our Boston facility include Haddock, Cod, Day Boat Scallops, Pollock/Boston Blue, Ocean Perch, Flounder/Sole, Monkfish, and Hake.

We offer premium Atlantic Salmon which we cut and portion here in Boston, as well as bringing in the air-freighted Chilean product.

We are one of the largest importers of frozen at sea Haddock and Cod for refresh programs here at the Boston plant when fresh market product is in short supply.

We have customers around the world and we ship daily by land and air.

If you want to buy your fish from the place it is “cut” look no further than Channel for all of your fresh seafood needs.

Frozen Seafood
Channel offers a selection of frozen items from selected sources…

USA—frozen at our facility in Boston—single frozen, product of the USA—Haddock, Sea Scallops, Cod, Flounder/Sole, Pollock/Boston Blue, Salmon, Ocean Perch, and Monkfish. Channel Brand or packed to order.

We specialize in the sourcing, branding and importing—leaving you to market the products in your portfolio hassle free. Give us a call you won’t be disappointed.