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North Atlantic Brand Fish Crunchies

At Channel Fish Processing, our goal is a delicious product, with all the health benefits of whole grain and seafood! We believe serving a higher quality fish product is the key to America’s healthy future.

Menu Ready to Meet Whole Grain Requirements
We know how difficult it is to manage all the new whole grain requirements. Ask us for detailed OZ EQs for grains and meats—our CN Approved products help schools achieve their nutritional requirements.

Try our NEW Fish Crunchies in any of 5 Whole Grain Flavors

  • Traditional Whole Grain
  • Whole Grain Buffalo
  • Whole Grain Potato Crunch
  • Whole Grain Sweet Potato
  • Whole Grain Cornmeal

Now available through the USDA Commodity Program!

Ideal for:
Institutional and Health Care Facilities
Colleges and Universities | Schools
Business and Industry
Table Service | Quick Service

Please call for available species.