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K–12 Seafood Products

Helping to keep America healthy is a priority at Channel Fish Processing.

We offer a full line of Child Nutrition approved seafood products.

Our Healthy Whole Grain Breading
Using our all natural whole grain breading, we create products that provide all of the great health benefits of a diet rich in whole grains. Best of all, these products have all of the enticing flavor and appealing crunch that kids will enjoy!

Our healthy whole grain CN seafood products are available in a variety of kid-friendly tasty breadings: traditional whole grain, spicy buffalo, sweet potato, potato crunch, and more. Also available in all your favorite shapes: our NEW Fish Crunchies nuggets, sticks, portions, wedges, and hoagie shaped styles.

Our Healthy Low Sodium Breading
Using our low sodium breading, we create products that contain less sodium than traditional fish sticks, nuggets, portions, and more.

Make the right choice—choose low sodium!

Our variety of tasty and healthy whole grain and low sodium breadings, with 0 trans fat, and cooked in Canola oil are sure to please both kids and dieticians alike!

Channel Fish Processing is one of only three USDA Commodity Fish Processors in the country and we are members of the School Nutrition Association and American Commodity Distribution Association.

We are your #1 school lunch choice!

Please call for available sizes and species.

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